Norwich Fashion Week body painting

Norwich Fashion Week

Last weekend saw us at Norwich Fashion Week with our
friends from Paintopia -The event saw 12 body painters
showcasing alongside make up artistes clothing designers
and a whole host of creatives bringing together a fabulous
final catwalk show – Our look was based upon Shakesperes
Macbeth- to see the link of the shows videos – click here
If you wish to learn this fabulous skill then please do
check our our courses as below.

Norwich Fashion Week Body Paint

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The Face Painters Blueprint


Its all about fun for us! So as the Theme was books at the
recent Media Make up and photography event in Rugby
we decided to paint our book!
The Face Painters Blueprint! See the pics below!
The lovely thing about this paint was that Katie pictured
with me on the right helped me and it was her first ever
body paint- so well done to Katie Norris!
You can buy your copy of the book at the link

Were back! The Living Art Show-
Bigger better bolder and even
more fabulous for 2017 !

2017 Sees The Living Art Show once again taking place with
our friends at the Maui Waui Festival, just off the A12 near
Saxmundham & Leiston In Suffolk In August over the bank
Holiday Weekend 25th – 27th August.

Tickets are released and bookings are now open for
this fabulous event! Painters body paint models and guests
all are welcome to this great event- taking place at a festival
you are sure to enjoy the real festival atmosphere-
with musicians performance artistes and much much more!

This years theme is British Icons… come along and join the
fun more info to follow soon 🙂

Booking is open here – Limited spaces so book now to
secure your slot!

The Living Art Show Booking info 


The Living Art Show Body Painting Festival

Welcome to The Living Art Show Body painting festival page.

The Living Art Show Body Painting Festival is a creative and visual extravaganza, an event that combines a feast of magnificent body painted models alongside musicians and performance artistes.

Book Here for The Living Art Show 

Select Model, Artiste or Guest

The Living Art Show
August 24, 2018,3:00 PM
Spots left: 66
Single Cost
Total Cost
Booking Event ...
Thank you for booking on this course. Looking forward to seeing you!

 This is one not to be missed.

We would love to share with you all that we do here at Follies and The Living Art Show

One of our loves is body painting and we run our show at various events across the UK over the year- This year sees us at the Maui Waui festival In Suffolk on August 25th , 26th and 27th August. Where we will be holding yet another fabulous  Living Art Show Body Painting Festival, with the UK’s top body painters, body painted models, photographers, make up artistes, with lots of demonstrations plus our fabulous cat walk show and UV painting party, its sure to be another great Living Art Show Body Painting Festival. To register your interest as a painter, model or photographer or to go on to the mailing list or to hear more news drop us an email to or book on the link here

Book Here for The Living Art Show 

Select Model, Artiste or Guest

The Living Art Show
August 24, 2018,3:00 PM
Spots left: 66
Single Cost
Total Cost
Booking Event ...
Thank you for booking on this course. Looking forward to seeing you!

 This is one not to be missed.

Read through the post then check out the link to our you tube video at the bottom of the post-Enjoy:)

Come and join us this eclectic blend of face and body painters artistes, models, creative’s and photographers at our 2017-Body painting festival Extravaganza- It takes place on the 25th to 27th August at the Maui Waui Festival in Thebarton in Suffolk.

The weekend will include a body painting competition, a catwalk show, face painting and body art tutorials and demonstrations; “Have a go sessions” plus a U.V paint party cavern on the Saturday night!

The theme for this years Living Art Show is BRITISH ICONS


Watch our 2017 Show


Book Here for The Living Art Show 

Select Model, Artiste or Guest

The Living Art Show
August 24, 2018,3:00 PM
Spots left: 66
Single Cost
Total Cost
Booking Event ...
Thank you for booking on this course. Looking forward to seeing you!

or those of you that may wish to learn this fabulous skill- we are the professionals to learn with and run a whole range of courses in Face Painting, Body painting, Henna, Special Effects, Glitter festival Eye Designs and Make Up classes these courses run in London and Kent Book Here and you can also learn with us on line with our fabulous on line training classes and tutorials The course is based over seven sessions that break down the learning process and may be worked through at your own pace over seven weeks if you choose. The Course is accredited by the Follies Academy and Certificates are industry recognised and will allow you to gain insurance in the industry.


Another great starting and inexpensive point for you to learn how to use these fabulous water based face and body paint products is to buy our book, this book takes you through the processes and shows you many of the designs with fabulous step by steps of the popular face painting designs for children’s parties, you can then also adapt these into more adult looks for parties and events. Check out the book here


We sell pro kits on our web site and on our Learn to Face Paint in class or on line with Follies classes which may be purchased here at our on line face painting shop Click for SHOP

Or book us to attend your event with The Living Art Show Body Painting Festival catwalk show, or a team of face and body painters or just one face painter for a children’s party, whatever your request give us a call 01474812524

We look forward to sharing some painting fun with you soon

On line face painting course

We have now launched our fabulous On line face painting course, here at Follies we have been teaching face and body painting for over 20 years running regular courses in both London and Kent in learning how to face paint, learning how to develop face painting skill designs and ideas and also business courses too. We also travel to colleges centers and teach for make up companies too!

We know that sometimes people cannot make it to our centers to attend our groups face painting training, so we are bringing that to you – learn to face paint tutorials in the luxury of your own home!

The training is set up as seven steps or sessions, there are a series of seven videos some longer some shorter. It is designed and set up to learn over a seven day period but you can extend this learning for as long as you like. You run the session then do the work and practice yourself each day. You may revisit and use the footage as required. It does not expire.

The course is set up to run alongside the VTCT Themed Face Painting and City and Guilds  face painting Qualifications too. There is an input pack workbook that comes with the course and a copy of our fabulous book The Face painters Blueprint, which contains much of the course material as well as lots of great step by steps on how to face paint Tigers, leopards, Butterflies, Flower princess Frozen and many more faces.

When you have completed the course you will receive a certificate- The certificate is accredited by The Follies Academy. The Face painting qualification is supported by an industry recognised certificate and is recognised by insurance companies.

The fee for the on line training plus a work book and a copy of The Face Painters Blueprint book and certificate once the course and work pack is completed is just £99-00

We are adding more videos as we go –If you purchase now you will be able to access all of the videos at any time ongoing.

The course comes free with the book and with a work pack that will follow in the post after you have ordered the course on line.

There is also a written work input pack for you to complete, which will come in the post with your book.

Once you have practiced your designs and the work book is completed and returned to us, you will receive feedback plus your certificate.

We are members of Face- The Face Painting Association

Please do click on the link to take you to our fabulous on line training course here – On line face painting course


You will be able to paint these fab faces!

Special Effects Workshop #HGWells #ScifiBromley

Special Effects Workshop– Last night saw the Follies team once again out and about- This time we landed in Bromley in Kent to join in the celebrations of HG Wells 150th anniversary of being born in the market town.
Last nights event kicked of an weekend of celebrations in The Kentish town Bromley as over 20 young adults showed up for the evening to try their hand at how to do face painting and learn how to apply special effects. They used water based face paints to create some fabulous monster and sci faces, then for the SFX, added latex built up with layers of tissue to create scales and skin on their pre painted monster faces. Once this had been layered a few times and then dried we added face paints and the pulled some of the latex/tissue skin away form the faces for added impact, black paint and liquid blood were then used to finish the looks.this all took place at the Bromley Central Library
This weekends events include Saturday, which sees a fabulous street show with actors, Props and Face painting by our fabulous team Follies face and body painters, we will be on site in the marquees offering Sc-fi face paints, special effects, and wounds bullet holes and scars, with latex waxes and blood. All of this will get you in practice for upcoming Halloween special effects which is only just around the corner!
SCI Fi Bromley -Check out details of the show here
SCI Fi Bromley show
The workshop was huge success as always all the young adults went away happy having learned a new skill- these workshops are a great way for children and teenagers to experience the behind the scenes skills of make up application and the team at Follies offer these workshops throughout the year at School colleges and academies- If you think it may be the thing for your club association then please do get in touch so that we can discuss your requirements.

London Fashion Week – Body painting – Follies

14463725_10153747474267554_250026598_nLondon Fashion Week is big part of the capitals creative calendar – Follies and The Living Art show were excited last week to be invited to attend The London Pacific Fashion Collective at The Connaught penthouse suite in Londons West End.

The team from The Living Art Show worked for over 4 hours to produce these x 2 fabulous looks. The pieces were inspired by Liz’s love of the pacific areas including her trips to Hawaii to swim with wild spinner dolphins. Combining the colourful beautiful flora and fauna of the areas as well as a tribal representation of the ocean that provides us with so much.

The headdresses were made by Liz using a combination of Silk and fresh flowers and leaves. Bound to represent the headdresses worn by the local women. The tail pieces nor bustles added some fun and fashionable movement to the looks.

The looks were created by applying a liquid brightness gold base then blending aqua colour cakes in various shades of greens and blues into these. Flowers were applied using handmade stencils with pros aide glue and large glitters, from their favourite store Kryolan Uk. 

Leaves were applied using a combination of hand painted one stroke leaf and flower designs and stenciled on leaves. The stencils were pre cut using heat tool and Mylar film.

The final pieces were finished off with hand painted swirls and curls..using a combination of DFX and Wolfe face and body paints.

If you would like to learn how to create any of these effects shown here- regular body painting lessons courses and workshops take place at the Follies academy in Kent- On our 2 x day courses you can lean all of the techniques required to be able to produce full body paints like these. Course information 


We wish as always to thank our fabulous models

Verity Millett and Blue Lady Ekhaletruo

The Living Art Show

The Living Art Show body painting festival at the Maui Waui Festival in Suffolk was a huge success.
With top body painters from across the UK the crowd were wowed with the beautiful body art designs in the final catwalk show.
As the art work took shape the Living Art Show marquee was open for guests to come in and browse and look at the fabulous art work taking shape.

The guests were treated to some fabulous body paint designs as well as demonstrations and a whole host of workshops that included; a face painting demonstration and workshop showcasing some fabulous animal face paint designs with the lovely Juliette Eve; special effects; a Make-up cut crease demonstration by Jules Ferrerra; Glitter work on the face and body provided by Glittertastics

The Saturday night raved on with a fabulous U.V. face and body paint party, with plenty of ultra violet and neon paints around for the public to have a go at painting themselves! The Living Art Show also offered free UV face painting eye designs and glitter eye designs for the evening party and the guests loved the neon face paint designs.

Prizes were awarded to the winners in each category- we wish to thank our sponsors Kryolan UK ; Mistair and Glittertastics for their support.

We are already planning the next Living Art Show event-
If you would like to host one at your event or be involved or know when it is coming up then please do go to our contacts page and add your email address for updates- We look forward to welcoming you then.

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